22 ianuarie 2019

Fragmente rupte din cloud - Legea Atracției (Brandon Olivares)

There's a very simple truth that can easily solve so much of your suffering, and yet is easily overlooked.

That truth is simply this: you suffer not because of your circumstances in life, but because of your thinking about those circumstances.

In other words, your feeling is coming from your thinking, not from the circumstances themselves.

At first glance, this seems extraordinarily simple and obvious. But, I can virtually guarantee that you're not taking it to its natural conclusion.

So let me ask this simple question:

Do you experience negative feelings because you don't have your desire yet, or because of your thinking about the lack of your desire?

That is, it's not the lack itself that inherently causes you to suffer, but the way you think about that lack.

I know many people say, “I just want my desire now, then I'll be happy.” But such people have fallen under the delusion that happiness comes from the outside in. If you have the right circumstances, the right possessions, the right relationships, you'll be happy.

But the number of miserable millionaires, miserable people in seemingly happy relationships, and miserable people with all the nicest possessions, would call this idea into question.

I'm not saying to give up your desire and just be happy despite the lack of what you want.

What I am saying is this: If you suffer due to your miserable thinking about the lack of your desire, then your vibration plummets, and those miserable thoughts turn into miserable things.

But, if you realize that the lack of your desire has no power to make you suffer, and the presence of your desire has no power to make you happy, then you can choose to be happy NOW, even without that desire.

And then, because you are happy now, your happy thoughts turn into happy things.

Actually, I have an even deeper secret that may be hard to grasp at first:

There are no miserable things, and no happy things. What I'm saying is, there are no negative manifestations, and no positive manifestations.

All manifestations are neutral.

The only reason a manifestation is ever “negative” is because of your thinking about it. If you don't think about it in a negative way, then it's not negative.

And when you stop holding on to your negative thoughts, then you stop thinking negatively about what is.

And then, the self-correcting nature of life kicks in, your thoughts are purified, and so your reality reflects who you now have become.

But what if nothing was ever wrong? What if there were no negative manifestations? What if all that was wrong in this moment was your own thinking about what is?

Then life is perfect now, and it can only become more perfect as it reflects back to you your new understanding.

Has this kindled something within you—a curiosity of how to take this further, or how to apply this to your own life?

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